The students at UA in My Hero Academia get to sport some pretty cool hero costumes while they study to become the best hero they can be. Each hero costume suits the wearer, designed with their Quirk in mind or even their personality. Easily one of the most contested hero costumes belongs to Momo Yaoyorozu, known as Everything Hero: Creati. Her hero costume is by far the most revealing, especially amongst the other female hero students. Many people would think that her costume is merely some very obvious fan service, but the costume does make sense with both her personality and her Quirk.

  Her hero costume is red in color and is shaped as a bodysuit that stops just shy of her mid-thigh. The bottom section is a yellow/cream color and looks similar to a rugged belt. The top section cuts off as a tank top and leaves almost her entire chest exposed. It has a zipper, allowing her to control how much her midsection is exposed.


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  While at first glance her costume does seem gratuitous, it actually makes sense. Momo's Quirk is Creation, which lets her create any non-living material or object from her own body, using the molecular structure of her own fat cells. When she makes an object, it usually comes out of her chest/stomach area, as the creation is fuelled by how much food she eats. It would also explain her slim figure, as she expends a huge amount of calories to use her Quirk. This is why her hero costume leaves her midsection exposed, so when she creates an object it doesn't shred her costume to pieces every time it comes out from her body.

  Her costume also ties into her personality: Momo is bold, confident, and is a very courageous person. Her hero costume reflects that, with its bold colors and confident design. The design of the costume also allows Momo a full range of movement, which is important for Pro Heroes. Her arms and legs are fully exposed and unhindered by armor or fabric, allowing her to be quite speedy and efficient during a fight. Considering Momo's excessively high IQ, when she's in the middle of a fight she would need her full range of motion to act on her strategies as quickly as possible.

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  In the newer episodes of My Hero Academia, Momo's costume is shown with a new feature - a cape. This gives her a more heroic appearance and definitely distinguishes between mere fan service and an actual hero costume. But because the rest of her body is still exposed, she's able to create objects from any exposed area on her body: arms, legs, thighs, and chest. It would be useless if every time she created an object her costume got destroyed, so her costume design is actually quite intelligent and fits her Quirk and personality perfectly.

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